The term that refers to copying, adapting, or modifying the design of another designer or manufacturer. In the fashion industry, especially in the less-expensive clothing categories, knock-ing-off is common practice yet in the designer market it is rare. Most designers who are copied accept it as a form of flattery and taking legal action is time-consuming and expensive. However, in 1994, Yves Saint Laurent accused Ralph Lauren of knocking-off his sleeveless tuxedo gown. Although tuxedo gowns were selling from other companies for years, a French judge fined Ralph Lauren $411,000 and ordered him to advertise the court decision in ten publications. This incident was ironic especially since Saint Laurent himself was fined in 1985 for knocking-off a design from designer Jacques Esterel.
   See also Copyist; Counterfeiting.

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry. .

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